I’m ready to do the work! So why can’t I get started? My 5-step formula for beating procrastination.

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I’ve been interested in starting a business for a loooooong time. I’ve spent hours listening to business podcasts, researching online marketing and trawling Pinterest for inspiration.

I’d absorb information and feel so excited. But when I sat down and tried to create something I’d feel apathetic. Why should I waste…

Photo by HalGatewood.com on Unsplash

A simple guide to quickly improve your designs

Design and development are sometimes thought of as two very opposite disciplines — one is creative and one is logical. Developers can get stuck in this trap, avoiding design because they ‘aren’t creative’ and getting paralysed when they inevitably have to make a minor design decision.

I wrote this blog…

Kate Norquay

Founder of Norquay Marketing. We help small businesses make money with Facebook advertising. I’m a proud New Zealander, obsessed with the internet and coffee

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